Digging Out of Burnout and Overwhelm In Your Business

Filed in Branding, Strategy — February 26, 2023

OK, so this isn’t a really fun topic to talk about…but a necessary one.

Necessary because it happens so often in the coaching world.  With new coaches AND established coaches.

I’m talking about burnout.  Overwhelm.  Frustration.  Insert other words here…you get my drift.

I see this most often with coaches trying to get their businesses up and running, which (I know) can be a daunting experience, full of emotions like these.

There is usually no business structure, no long-term planning, only a surface level understanding of their target audience, a reliance on marketing tactics that someone else told them to do, and up-and-down personal motivation to keep going.

It can be exhausting, physically and emotionally.

This was also my experience when I first started – a cycle I stayed in for about 2 years!

The thing that got me out of it – and what I am going to recommend to you as well – is a BUSINESS RESET.

What Is a Business Reset?

My reset – during which time I found my own brand strategist – allowed me to take a step back.  Don’t think of this as a negative thing – sometimes we all need to take a break and see things from a different perspective.

My realization was that, while I was taking a lot of action in my business, and putting together lots of plans and ideas – they weren’t working because they had no foundation.  I would jump from one marketing tactic to another, and wondered why I wasn’t getting consults or clients.

Spinning in this cycle is not where I want you to be.  Having a foundation, and a plan, to guide your business is critical.  I can’t promise that you won’t ever experience overwhelm and frustration – but, if you do, having your intentional brand strategy to refer back to will always get you out if it.  It creates the path forward, and leads the way in your business.

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