Do You Have a Compelling Offer?

Filed in Branding, Strategy — February 26, 2023

You’ve probably worked long and hard on your offer – it’s what your potential clients really care about, right?

Well, I would say yes and no.

People will become your clients because of you, and your brand – and your offer is a part of that.  Your offer is driven and guided by your brand and brand strategy.  It doesn’t just show up out of thin air, and it isn’t created based on another coach in your niche’s offer.  It MUST be unique to your audience and their needs – it must be compelling.

Your offer is not 12 sessions, for 60 minutes, with worksheets and call replays.

Nobody is buying that, and nobody wants that.

So, how do you make it compelling?  When I run my Magnetism Offer Workshops, we go through 5 phases:

The Five Phases of Offer Development

  1. Develop your brand strategy to inform your offer development process.  This will tell you so many things about your audience, their needs, and the way they need to be communicated with.  It will tell you how to talk to them.
  2. Determine the benefits of your offer/program: what is the actual transformation that your clients will achieve?  Can you put it into one sentence?
  3. Determine the value of your offer, and price it accordingly: how valuable will the end result be to your client?  How will it change their lives?  Your pricing model needs to reflect this.
  4. Determine the features of your offer/program: how will you achieve this transformation?  This is what many coaches think is the actual offer, and it does deserve careful consideration at the right time.  Think about your client here – what is the BEST way to help them get the transformation they’re looking for?
  5. Ensure your offer is YOUR offer: it’s easy to look around at other coaches, see what they’re offering, and use a similar strategy.  That is what’s working for THEM – totally different audience and set of circumstances.  Look inside and find the creativity and uniqueness in YOU, and use that as fuel as you develop your compelling offer.

Here’s to your offer!

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