How To Stand Out In a Sea of Coaches

Filed in Branding, Strategy — February 26, 2023

These days, it seems that EVERYONE is a coach – right?

Life coaches, performance coaches, executive coaches.

Coaches for every type of problem, and every type of customer you can think of.

Even in your niche, you can likely think of dozens of coaches.  And these are just the ones you KNOW – there are likely hundreds (or more) coaches in your niche.

So, how do YOU stand out in a sea of coaches?

This is one of the most frequent questions I get as a brand strategist.  When creating a brand for your business, we take this into careful consideration.

Think about your potential client for a second.  Say they’re coming across something that you have put in front of them, and then they also see something your competitor has created for them as well.

How do they choose?

Here are 3 things I think you should consider:

  1. Consistency counts – a lot: did you know that, on average, it takes 8 touchpoints for a potential customer to engage with your business?  EIGHT.  Just because you put one social media post, or one ad, out there, don’t expect the clients to be flocking in.  You need to be consistent for your brand to resonate.
  1. Differentiate yourself and your brand: if there is one thing that is the cornerstone of an intentional brand strategy, it’s differentiation.  What do you do better, and different, than your competitors?  How can you communicate in a way that your audience ‘gets’ while staying true to your brand?  How can you make your offer compelling and unique?
  1. Be authentic – be YOU: I’m just going to say it – don’t be fake.  Don’t try to be somebody else.  Your potential customers want authenticity.  They gravitate towards HUMAN brands that tell them exactly who they are and how they can help.

These items will help you stand out in a sea of coaches, and create your own blue ocean for you and your brand.

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